Reading Outside



What should you read next? These are some of the items we've been enjoying. Perhaps you'd like to give one a try! We add new picks every week.

August Reads


The Act of Sewing

by Sonya Philip

Darcie says, "If you are interested at all in sewing your own clothes, this book is a great place to start! Basic patterns are included (trace, then cut) along with ways to modify the simple pieces to make them truly your own. I highly recommend this book!"

July Reads


Hour of the Witch

by Chris Bohjalian

Darcie says, "Wow! It's not often I say the words 'Puritan historical fiction thriller' together in a sentence...but Hour of the Witch is all of those things. Mary Deerfield is young, beautiful, smart, and from a good family in 1663 Boston, but she happens to be married to a brutish older widower. What could go wrong?

I listened to this through the Libby app and am glad I did - the dialogue would have been hard to read (lots of thee, thou, dost, etc.) but listening to the story unfold was gripping!

June Reads


The Unkindness of Ravens

by M.E. Hilliard

Nancy, our Queen of Mysteries says, "A good mystery, set in a library, in a small quaint town, all my favorite elements to make a great story!  This is the first in the Greer Hogan Mystery series and I'm already looking forward to the next.  I did not figure out who had done it till the end, another important element!"