What to Read Next

Are you looking for a book to read? Luckily there are resources you can use to help you figure out your next book.




A popular resource for picking out a book is Goodreads, a website you can access by clicking the icon above. Goodreads is an online forum that people use to review books, organize book clubs, and provide recommendations. It is a big website, but if you explore you will find plenty of resources for finding a book you might like.



The next resource is Novelist, a database that is similar to Goodreads.This database requires a valid library card to access the site. You can get to our database list by clicking the icon above, and selecting Novelist.

Librarians are also happy to help you find a book you are interested in. if you would rather speak to a person or need help using these tools, please feel free to reach out to the adult services reference desk at: 262-754-1815

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